Renfrewshire Deliveries have recently invested in 2 stunning new vans early this year (2019).


Our low loader Luton van for home removals is a 66 plate low loader. At only 2 years old and 19,000 miles on the clock when purchased the van is still very fresh therefore should be extremely reliable for many years to come.


This van was purchased and will be used purely for house removals therefore will be kept clean and immaculate at all times and equipped with the relevant professional removal equipment.


The van will be running alongside our recently purchased tipper van which will be used for less clean jobs. Our home removals van has a very lightweight body meaning an increased payload.


Legally it can carry roughly 1200kg of goods (1.2 ton). The floor is low and the ceiling is high. The dimensions are 4.3m long, 2.5m high and 2.3m wide. This does not include the extra storage above the drivers cab.


There is also a door on the side of the van to allow side loading if needed.