Fully Insured

Important if you care about your goods and belongings.

Renfrewshire Deliveries removals service comes fully Insured. Please note that a lot of operators seen advertising on Facebook and Gumtree do not have the appropriate insurance covers in place.

Firstly our van is covered by 'business haulage of goods for hire or reward' insurance which is a legal requirement. A lot of operators will have their vehicle covered under normal vehicle insurance or normal business (for carrying own goods) insurance as it costs considerably less although is illegal so if they were to get stopped and checked with your goods in their vehicle then the goods along with their vehicle would be going to the pound.

Vehicle Insurance as above purely covers vehicle damage and not the goods being carried. To protect the goods being carried we have a 'Goods in Transit' insurance policy in place protect the goods in which we transport.

And for all other accidental damage which may occur we have a 'public liability' insurance policy in place. Please note that as well as the illegal operators not having the appropriate vehicle insurance in place there is a very very slim chance of them having goods in transit or public liability insurance.

Feel free to ask to see documentation.