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Insurance Documents & Licenses

Important if you care about your goods and belongings.


Renfrewshire Deliveries removals service comes fully Insured with appropriate licences.

Firstly our van is covered by 'business haulage of goods for hire or reward' insurance which is a legal requirement.


Vehicle Insurance as above purely covers vehicle damage and not the goods being carried. To protect the goods being carried we have a 'Goods in Transit' insurance policy in place protect the goods in which we transport.


For all other accidental damage which may occur we have a 'public liability' insurance policy in place.

Documentation can be viewed on this page.

Renfrewshire Deliveries are a member of the Renfrewshire Trusted Trader scheme. This is a scheme ran by the council whereby businesses need to apply to become a member. The businesses need to apply to become a member. The business (and owners) is then vetted before being approved.

Our trusted trader profile and reviews can be viewed here.

Thanks to Renfrewshire Trusted Trader for allowing us onboard.

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